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The Canadian Surfer Movie

There's something brewing in Kelowna, BC that's riding the waves out to Sombrio, Tofino, and Jordan's River. From coastal BC to the Maritimes, Big Surf Beer is celebrating Canadian surf culture in an epic way. We're proud to be the main sponsor of The Canadian Surfer Movie, a film that will highlight the colourful and diverse people that make up Canadian surf culture.

So kick back and join Big Surf Beer as we celebrate and contribute to the growing surf culture in our native country by sponsoring The Canadian Surfer Movie.


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The Brewmaster's Bible video series with our award-winning brewmaster, Wolfgang Hoess. Each episode reveals something interesting and unique about beermaking - and demonstrates just how passionate and experienced we are here at Big Surf!

Big Surf Beer The Brewmaster's Bible Episode 1

Big Surf Beer The Brewmaster's Bible Episode 2

If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in a brewery, then our other video series Behind the Brew is for you! Follow our video team as we spend a few days in and around the brewery documenting the complex and careful process that goes into producing quality beer for the right price. It's our own version of "How is it Made"!Check Out Our Video Series below

Big Surf Beer Behind the Brew Episode 1

Big Surf Beer Behind the Brew Episode 2

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