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What an Awesome Time at Keloha 2013

Posted by: Alice Tunnell 6 years, 10 months ago


I had an awesome time at Keloha 2013. I didn't get there until Sunday afternoon, but the weather was terrific and the music was superb! There were 2 stages for music, the Sandbar Stage and the Island Stage. My friend and I went and explored the art and vendor booths. Of course we had to try on all of the sunglasses and since the guy in the booth was such an expert salesman we both bought a pair. He assured us we looked wonderful in them. 

We went back and forth between the stages listening to the bands and watching the hula girls perform and hand out lays to everyone. There were people painting the tall pyramids on the sands, sand castle building, and lots of people to watch. The beer gardens beckoned to us, so we made our way there to enjoy a refreshing Big Surf Beer. We socialized and took pictures that arel posted on this website. The girls performing yoga on the longboards in the water were amazing. They had to have excellent balance and very strong abs to do the poses they did. We listened to a few more bands at the Island Stage and then my friend had to leave. 

When I arrived back with 2 more friends at about 6:30, I was amazed to see how many more people were there at the Island Stage. There was standing room only, shoulder to shoulder, from all angles that you could see the bands, Everyone was dancing and swinging shirts, coloured ribbons, and towels over their heads in time with the music. 

Hopefully you had a chance to attend Keloha 2013 this year, because is was a terrific time. If you didn't, plan on it for next year! Here are a few pictures of Keloha 2013.


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