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Welcome to Big Surf Culture

Posted by: Sean Shepherd 7 years ago

Welcome to Big Surf Culture - the blog by Big Surf Beer that aims to foster and support Canadian surf, beer and carpe diem lifestyles all year long!

Check out The Brewmaster's Bible video series and meet our award-winning brewmaster, Wolfgang Hoess. We talk with Wolfgang each week about various topics to do with his passion for all things beer. Learn about the proud history of brewmastery, the legend of how beer was discovered, what it has been like to have a career as a brewmaster and his philosophy behind Big Surf Beer. Each episode reveals something interesting and unique about beermaking - and demonstrates just how passionate and experienced we are here at Big Surf!

Plus, if you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in a brewery, then our other video series Behind the Brew is for you! Follow our video team as we spend a few days in and around the brewery documenting the complex and careful process that goes into producing quality beer for the right price. It's our own version of "How is it Made"!

Of course, we will also be publishing daily on all things related to big surf culture - the things that matter to you. We aren't here to push our product - chances are, if you've made it this far you like our beer already - but we are here to help support and foster our native Candian surf and summer culture - and we want it to last all year long!

So, check back frequently and keep an eye out for giveaways and contests - because without you to share Big Surf with, it just wouldn't be fun.

- the Big Surf Team

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