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The Monday 3: Playlist 03

Posted by: topher 6 years, 11 months ago


Introducing The Monday 3! I'll keep it short and sweet on this weekly playlist that helps you discover the best in beachy, surfy, feel-good music from around the world.

I apologize in advance for the late post. Yesterday was a holiday in Canada and I was busy relaxing on the water having a Big Surf beer. Just like a holiday should be, right?

This weeks kinda-sorta theme is a little more cranked while I introduce some of my favourite indie-punk bands who use the distortion pedal well. That said, first up is the Smith Westerns playing their very own Girl In Love from their self-titled album.

Where you cross rockabilly and punk you have The Cramps, a memorable band from the 80's with their own lyrical humour. Get their music to find out just what that is if you don't get it from What's Inside A Girl.

We'll finish with the Black Lips doing Short Fuse from their album Two Million Thousand. The Black Lips are the kind of band you'll never be disappointed by. The style evolves in a way that doesn't scare away their fans. The sound is their own.

Until next time.

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