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The Monday 3: Playlist 01

Posted by: topher 6 years, 12 months ago

Introducing The Monday 3! I'll keep it short and sweet on this weekly playlist that helps you discover the best in beachy, surfy, feel-good music from around the world.

We'll start strong with an instrumental Cecilia Ann by the Pixies which kicks off their album Bossanova from 1990. I start every road trip with this song so it seems appropriate. When you get a chance, drive to this one. Get Pixies music and merch here.

Next up is Take on the World by the noise-pop, surf-punk, Wavves out of San Diego, California. This one is from their third album, titled King of the Beach. Get their music and merch here.

Last but not least we finish up with some Best Coast, no surprise that many of the tracks I'll be pushing are from California and The Only Place is no exception to that. Get their music and merch here. Best Coast will be touring all summer and into fall. Catch them in Victoria on September 15 at the Rifflandia Festival.

See you next week and thanks for listening!

Post and Art by Topher Edwards

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