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Sweating like Shaq

Posted by: admin 6 years, 8 months ago

When first asked to write a blog I started sweating like Shaq at the free throw line. I mean putting yourself in a vulnerable position that people won't like what your laying down and making you feel like Ike Turner at a Tina concert isn't exactly motivating but here goes. This month like all others, I took what I like to call the positive "wave " from store to store spreading the love. I've yet to walk into an account and get negative feedback. Everyone is loving this beer and the price point is the icing on the cake! With Honey Brown out there now making a strong push last week we had some great tastings at Samz in Port Coquitlam and Waterstone LRS in White Rock. Friday Nov. 9th we'll be at South Point  LRS off 152nd in Surrey serving up Big Surf's finest Honey Brown and Laid Back lagers from 3pm-7pm! Other tastings we're excited about this month are at The Meridian Arms Thursday Nov. 22 , Friday Nov. 23rd at The Guildford Station Pub in Surrey and ____ at The John B in Coquitlam.We're all very excited for the premier beer event of the year  Hop Scotch in Vancouver , November 12th-18th. At the  PNE Agradome. The greatest accomplishment with this beer is bringing it in at store level , letting the employees taste what they're selling, and getting honest feedback that is always very pro-active and genuinely supportive with comments like "finally something I can recommend that doesn't break the wallet." So grab a Big Surf, catch the wave and we'll see you out there!:)

Written by Blair Bradley

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