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How is Your Snowboarding and Skiing Going This Winter?

Posted by: Alice Tunnell 6 years, 5 months ago

This year Kelowna has had a huge amount of snow falling. Snowboarders and Skiers are having a blast enjoying the ski hills all over British Columbia and Alberta. Where have you been snowboarding or skiing at this winter? 

Personally, I have been missing out on the snow as I have been in Antigua enjoying the beaches and sunshine. But I have been checking Castenet faithfully to see what the weather is like in Kelowna. Other than the large amount of snow to shovel and the road conditions, my friends have been visiting various ski hills to go snowboarding and skiing. They have been telling me that the snow conditions are awesome! Ant that I am missing some great skiing this winter. It is a real toss up which I would prefer, great snow and snowboarding or beaches and sunshine. 

Hopefully, you are out in the snow and up at the ski hills living life to its fullest! 

Here is a link to a snowboarding and skiing video from Big White Ski Resort. Watch and enjoy! 

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