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Did You Know That Drinking Beer is Healthy for You?

Posted by: Alice Tunnell 5 years, 8 months ago

Most people think that beer is fattening and not healthy for you. Well the research shows that when you drink beer in moderation, it has healthy benefits for you. Beer is fat free, cholesterol free, and low in carbohydrates. Most 341-ml bottles of beer with 5 % alcohol have only 5 - 12 g of carbohydrates. There are between 95 – 150 calories in a 12 oz. beer depending on the type of beer. Depending whether it is a light beer or a darker beer and the amount of alcohol in it, determines the amount of carbohydrates and calories.  In comparison 12 ounces of skim milk has about 125 and orange juice has about 150 calories. Now that doesn’t mean that you should drink beer instead of milk and orange juice, just drink it in moderation, as part of an otherwise healthy diet. Choose a beer over a soda, sugary juice, or cocktail.

Beer is all natural and doesn’t contain preservatives, because it has alcohol and hops, which are natural preservatives. It also contains malt, yeast, and water. Beer is cooked and fermented and then it is filtered and packaged.

People think that you can get a beer belly from drinking beer. Did you know that most studies on beer show that people who drink beer regularly and moderately usually weigh less than non-drinkers? Beer can keep your body from absorbing fat and can boost your metabolism.

Do you get enough fibre in your diet? Beer contains fibre from the barley, wheat, or other grains in it. It contains, beta-glucans, which is a soluble fibre that is linked to lowering cholesterol levels and help to make your heart healthier.According to some studies, as little as one beer a day can boost your HDL, the good-cholesterol by up to 4 percent.

Did you also know that beer contains lots of vitamins and minerals? Amazing you say! Because beer contains barley, hops, and wheat, it has the same vitamins that grains do, such as the B vitamins, riboflavin, niacin, and folic acid that is believed to help prevent heart attacks. Beer also has zinc, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium. Beer is high in silicon which helps to strengthen your bones andhelps prevent osteoporosis.

So you say, I knew there was a reason why I love beer so much. But there is more!

Some research shows that drinking beer in moderation can help to ward off diseases."The strongest evidence suggests alcohol of any kind can increase good cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart attack by 30%, and thereby provide cardiovascular benefits," says Harvard researcher, Eric Rimm, ScD.The good-cholesterol helps to keep the arteries from getting clogged.

Eric Rimm, ScD also says that "there is some evidence that alcohol can increase insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of diabetes and because beer contains plenty of fluids, it may help lower the risk of bladder cancer and kidney stones due to the added volume."Beer’s high water content and diuretic effect add the volume and helps lower the risk of kidney stones.  Also, beer contains compounds that have been shown to delay the release of bone calcium which is linked to kidney stones.

I have some more good news for you. Studies in 2005 have shown that a beer a day may help to lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia. This is awesome, you won’t forget where you put your beer down.

Beer contains antioxidants in it and the darker t beer the more antioxidants. Did you know that beer helps to fight cancer? Dr. Cristobal Miranda of the Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology at Oregon State University says that beer contains xanthohumol, a flavonoid found only in hops. Xanthohumol is a potent antioxidant that inhibits cancer-causing enzymes..

So that`s it! Have a Big Surf Beer and stay healthy. You will live longer and stay healthier.

Thomas Jefferson once said, "Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."

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