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Big Surf Beer is Happening in Alberta

Posted by: admin 6 years, 8 months ago

Big Surf 15 canpacks now in Liquor Depot all over Alberta. If you have a Liquor Depot in your neighbourhood then they have Big Surf !!

Big Surf Beer in the Liquor Stores                             Big Surf Beer Tent Cards

Getting ready for our Big Surf Sampling at Sherlock Holmes Pub in downtown Edmonton ! They just received their kegs and already have sold 3 Big Surf kegs in 2 days ! Come down and try anytime as it is selling like crazy ! Ask for it by name or simply say I will have what that table is having!!      


                  Big Surf Sampling at Sherlock Holmes Pub


Getting all set up for the Willow Park Beer Bash on Nov 1st, 2012. Over 700 people and 36 Beer suppliers on hand to sample their products, Of course Big Surf Beer will be their and featuring our new Honey Brown that is sure to be a hit with all that get a chance to try!             


                                 Willow Park Beer Bash

Ted Wilson the Big Surf Beer rep just waiting for the crowds to arrive at Willow Park Beer Bash 2012 here in Calgary, AB. Honey Brown making its debut tonight !!

Ted waiting for the crowd

David Martin the Big Surf Beer rep here in Calgary getting ready for the Willow Park Beer Bash to get started. Going to be a busy night !

Dave Martin Big Surf Beer Rep                         

Written by Ted Wilson

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