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31 Things You Can Do with Beer (Other Than Drinking It)

Posted by: Alice Tunnell 5 years, 8 months ago

I love to drink a cold beer on a hot summer day. It quenches your thirst and cools you off. But did you know that there are a lot of other uses for beer other than quenching your thirst? I know you are probably saying, “Why would I use it for anything but quenching my thirst?”  Well you can still cool off with a cold beer, but now you can use it for all of these other things while you are enjoying a Big Surf Laid Back Lager or Honey Brown beer.

Below are 31 ways in which you can use beer while you are quenching your thirst. You will enjoy these ideas from Joe Kita on 

1.Bathe in It

2.Put Out a Fire

3.Marinate Meat

4.Polish Pots

5.Make Beer Barbecue Sauce

7.Loosen Rusty Bolts
6.Shampoo Hair

8.Clear Up Brown Spots in Your Lawn

9.Steam Clams or Mussels

10.Pass a Kidney Stone

11.Boil Shrimp

12.Kill Slugs

13.Find Due North

14.Soothe Tired Feet

15.Make a Beer Slide

16.Lower Your Blood Pressure

17.Trick a Cheap Landlord

18.Bake Beer Bread

19.Catch Mice

20.Tie a Fly

21.Cure Insomnia

22.Massage Yourself

23.Calm an Upset Stomach

24.Build Your Next Home

25.Cook Rice

26.Stop Snoring

27.Build a Plane

28.Roast Chicken

29.Ice a Hastring

30.Tame Wild Hair

31.Scale Fish

If I have peaked your interest with how to use beer for these things, then click here to find out the details.


If you have any other uses that you use beer for, then send them in to our Big Surf Beer's Facebook page

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