At Big Surf Beer, we are all about good beer and good times. Living the dream!

We believe in enjoying life to its fullest, and getting out there and pushing your limits. While we love surfing, we named our beer Big Surf after all… we are really into people enjoying whatever it is that they love.

People ask us why we called it Big Surf Beer when we are located in Kelowna. Well, we do have big waves on the Okanagan Lake that people enjoy:

  • wake boarding, 
  • kite surfing, 
  • wind surfing, 
  • surfing, 
  •  jet skiing  

So get out your long boards, your wake boards, your surf boards or strap on your skis or your snowboard. Get out there and follow your passion. All we ask is that when you come in at the end of the day and you’re sitting around with your friends talking about that huge wave, massive jump, or the one that got away, that you do it with some Big Surf Beer.

We are so passionate about our small batch, craft brewed lager. While we don’t have a huge operation like a lot of the big players in the beer industry, we care just as much, if not more. While the label says big, we’re talking about the amount of care and attention that goes into every one of our batches of beer. Isn’t that what counts?

Crisp, clean, and refreshing, Laid Back Lager and Honey Brown Lager by Big Surf Beer are the right choice for the cooler when you are:

  • playing ball with the team,
  • grilling in the backyard with friends and family, 
  • sitting on the patio after a day on the water. 

We’ve got the looks, the flavour, and obviously we have the personality.

So stop picking the same old beer… catch the wave with Big Surf.

The Big Surf Crew invited brew master Wolfgang Hoess to create 2 big, bold lagers that offers a great choice of beer.  Our brew master Wolfgang Hoess has:

  • 40 years of experience
  • a Masters Degree in Yeast Fermentation Technology at the Agricultural University of Vienna, Austria.  
  • worked at the Pabst Brewery in San Antonio and
  • worked at  Alpine Brewing in Washington State and the
  • worked at  Drummond Brewing Company before joining the Big Surf Team. 

The Brewmaster's Bible video series with our award-winning brewmaster, Wolfgang Hoess. Each episode reveals something interesting and unique about beermaking - and demonstrates just how passionate and experienced we are here at Big Surf!

Big Surf Beer The Brewmaster's Bible Episode 1

Big Surf Beer The Brewmaster's Bible Episode 2

If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in a brewery, then our other video series Behind the Brew is for you! Follow our video team as we spend a few days in and around the brewery documenting the complex and careful process that goes into producing quality beer for the right price. It's our own version of "How is it Made"!Check Out Our Video Series below

Big Surf Beer Behind the Brew Episode 1

Big Surf Beer Behind the Brew Episode 2

To view all of Big Surf Beer's videos go to the  Big Surf Beer Youtube Channel